#Forensic News for Today: Fabricated arson evidence, door knobs, familial DNA traits

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This case is horrendous. Fabricated arson evidence used against a woman later acquitted of arson gets into court after appellate court opines this rule for the lower court to follow in her lawsuit against LEO authorities. “There must be persuasive evidence supporting a conclusion that the proponents of the evidence are aware that evidence is incorrect or that the evidence is offered in bad faith.” Bad faith is a legal euphemism for moral turpitude such as perjury /planting/fabricating evidence. 22 page opinion. third-circuit Thanks to John Lentini at http://www.firescientist.com/ for taking the scientific lead for the defense on this case.

Testing claims that racial tendencies of a set of triplets and fraternal quads have slightly different regional racial mixtures. How reliable are home DNA tests? Comments from a TV guy named Dr. Stork.

A lady criminal defense lawyer now is top dog at the American Academy of Forensic sciences. Congrats to Betty. 

Crime expert for child abuse defendant gets bumped from testifying. DA argued “all he looked at were photos and defense documents.” His report was “only” two pages long. The expert, the well known Brent Turvey, excels in critiquing crime scene failures, botched interview techniques and other omissions of police investigators.

When door knobs are submitted for DNA testing, don’t expect the crime lab to do DNA testing. The problem is DNA mixtures: “…..but Cavanaugh said they were not analyzed because doorknobs typically have small traces of DNA coming from a large amount of sources. He said it would be too difficult to know for certain whether a suspect was or was not at a crime scene.” Shoe print matching was attempted as well.

After losing their case, a sheriff and a prosecutor do not know when to shut up on TV. Acquitted of any crime, the former defendant sues them for defamation. “The complaint accuses both officials of making statements that “implied” Supino killed the couple, even after the jury delivered its verdict.”

Texas prosecutor goes “Reefer Madness” on adjacent Texas prosecutor in Houston. Texas.

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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    More info on the arson evidence fabrication:
    The receptacle caused the fire.
    The state presented the defendant with photos showing the Romex wire intact.
    During the trial, the state presented two additional photos showing the wire cut and taped.
    The cutting and taping could only have occurred after the plaster and lath wall was opened, i.e., post-fire.
    The photo showing the cutting and taping was taken after dark.
    There is a photo from the insurance company, who’s adjuster came two or more days after the fire, showing the intact wire in the daylight.
    The two photos (mis) represented to have been taken the day of the fire were actually taken when Detective Fallon (the guy who committed perjury) returned to the scene five days later.
    Fallon and the ADA both knew that the photos were taken later. That is why they were not originally produced.
    The jury was able to figure out the deception.

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