Top Ten Forensic Articles in Dec 2016 for @CSIDDS


Looking back on the most popular articles published this month in Forensics in Focus. Thank you all for following!!

  1. The $2 drug tests are great for law enforcement drug warriors, but not much goo for anyone else.
  2. Utter silence from over 400 individual US crimes labs after forensic report
  3. A science-based blast at Prosecutors’ belief in alchemy voodoo and bitemarks .
  4. Excellent contributors. Houck, Lentini, Squier, Carrington and more…Pre Order at
  5. Science in Forensics deniers mostly work for the Cops – No surprise
  6. Looking into Carbon 14 testing of blood samples.
  7. The cost of Austin Crime Lab failure reaches $6.5 to 14 Million estimate.
  8. Disappointed? American Academy of Forensic Science’s blurb on PCAST and scientific validation.
  9. American Academy of Forensic Sciences asks public for bitemark validation studies
  10. Calling out the LEO curmudgeons saying “Over-reaching and Junk Science is OK.

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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