Washington DC crime lab continues to coverup its law enforcement bungles

Forensics In Wash DC: Former crime lab managers punished for telling the unpopular truth to their bosses.

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Backstory before the story about guns walking away from the DC crime lab.

After a sweetheart period with its “independence” from LEO management via its multi-million dollar facility up grade and hiring forensic scientist Max Houck to run it, the D.C. DFS bloom has gone off the rose.

Dr. Houck got himself resigned/fired from DFS by a consortium of LEO, DA and mayoral accusations of his Forensic Biology Unit’s mixture DNA statistical choices regardless of similar DNA protocol disagreements existing within the general crime lab industry.

Some in the national DNA hierarchy called it a “sentinel event” in the history of crime lab decision making. With scant exaggeration,  it struck to the heart of what some of us considered a significant foothold for “reform in forensic science.” One called it a “setback for forensic science.”

DNA gurus Inman, Rudin and Siegel demanded answers here.   The DNA trio issued a…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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