State liability for faked crime lab testing goes to the jury – Boston

Former state chemist Annie Dookhan was sentenced to three to five years in state prison after she pleaded guilty in 2013 to tampering with evidence and filing false reports.

9:15 am PDT update at the bottom

Massachusetts is first up in a case of first impression about who to get money damages from a state crime lab’s testing debacles. Her direct supervisors are defendants but…….

“What remained unclear Friday is whether the state, or its insurance carriers, would be liable for any damages. Howard Cooper, a lawyer with the Boston firm Todd & Weld, said there could be a variety of reasons that Jones’s lawyers chose not to name Massachusetts as a defendant, but said the state would likely still be held responsible for the conduct of its employees.”

“Even though the state’s not a party, these people were agents of the state, employees of the states, so it is the failed system that did not catch what was going on that’s on trial,” Cooper said.”

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and just as this was posted….

Jury rejects lawsuit against state drug lab supervisors

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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1 Response to State liability for faked crime lab testing goes to the jury – Boston

  1. SCP says:

    The convergence of the snitch and the bench analyst…quid pro quo. if you want to keep your job, you will disregard scientific protocols, cut corners, and give a good story for the prosecution. And only you will be accountable if caught.

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