UK Forensic Science Regulator getting statutory powers may affect current SBS “witchhunt”

FSR Dr Gillian Tully

Dr. Gillian Tully, the UK Forensic Science Regulator

The US should take heed of whats happening in the UK in reorganization of its forensic science industry in order to standardize forensic methods and outcomes. In the US, this would circumvent all the agonizing slow and merely “suggesting” National Forensic Sci Commission’s two years of tap dancing with serious forensic science issues.

Having heard Dr. Tully speak at the Plenary meeting of the AAFS in Feb, she personifies an organized approach and seems immune to the back-room backstabbing that accompanies major controversies in forensic “science” as evidenced by this last week UK Shaken Baby expose’. Dr. Waney Squier (a pediatric pathology person )……

Consultant pathologist Waney Squier

Dr. Waney Squier

got slammed with a finding of “dishonesty” by some medical peers for her legitimate criticisms (accompanied by research) of SBS experts who dislike her logic and courtroom presence. The administrative medical licensing “court” finding cites her opposition to specific poorly-researched assumptions (of course not admitted to by the tribunal) used by Prosecutors and some of her colleagues to confirm baby homicide convictions, “as misleading” and offers absurd details to the foundation evidence which she misrepresented “science.” Things like biomechanics, and other aspects of medical science that are multi-disciplinary. They are false preaching that SBS testimonies for years haven’t been brought forward by experts with less than Einsteinian credentials in every aspect of medical practice. There is no medical specialty available in the subject of SBS.

This “justice” comes comes from certain parties who have filed complaints against her to the medical tribunal”who are not responding” to media requests. One of her supporters was more vocal:

“This is clearly a witch hunt against a physician who has done society a great service by levelling the playing field for parents and caregivers who face allegations of child abuse when their infant presents with unexplained brain injury,” says Marvin Miller, professor of paediatrics at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, in a submission to the tribunal supporting Squier. “Regarding her professionalism, she has unimpeachable integrity.”

Sounds familiar. Maybe Forensic Science Regulator Dr Tully can take up a review and bring the critics out of their little professional cubby-holes.

One more article on her professional honesty rankling the prosecutors. 



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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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