Russian #7K9268 shoot down victims’ DNA will be compared to family reference specimens : No odontology

russian copy

Its strange that the Russian officials reportedly will not include odontology (forensic dentistry) in this human recovery event. Dentistry is included in forensic protocols throughout the world.  Considering the high fragmentation of the passengers and crew’s remains, the Russian government will be processing thousands of tissue pieces and it’s unlikely they will process each fragment for DNA. Dental jaw fragments and teeth are strongly resistant to high energy impacts. They quickly achieve identifications when compared to dental records (nearly 25% in aircraft disasters). Significant numbers of human identifications also occur from medical devices ( metallic implants ) photographs, fingerprints, personnel effects ( jewelry, wallets), and tatoos from mass fatality incidents.

Officials should not mislead families by saying  DNA will identify all the victims. Families deserve to have the best services made available during this tragedy.

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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1 Response to Russian #7K9268 shoot down victims’ DNA will be compared to family reference specimens : No odontology

  1. mbhauptle says:

    I concur. Their plan of action does not encompass the identification of passengers flying under false pretenses, nor any persons not listed on the airline’s manifest. Obviously we have a higher standard of practice here, and one which would account for any commingling of human remains associated with individuals killed on ground from impact.

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