Forensics: How an anti-lie detector examiner ran afoul of the feds.

This is a long read, but is worth it. Its rather incredible that anyone who admits or “confesses” to crimes and misdeeds to a non law enforcement examiner providing prepping them to pass a lie detector test. The rub appears in the excerpt below showing the lie-detector guy putting $$ in front of any concerns he originally had about ethics or being an accomplice to criminal activities. The feds sent in undercover officers.

“Frankly, Javier, I SMELL A RAT,” Williams e-mailed on Oct. 17. “You are doing what I told you not to do, and that is telling me that you are lying. … DO NOT SEND THE MONEY—DO NOT MAKE THE RESERVATIONS—I AM NOT GOING TO HELP YOU!!!!” When Castillo called Williams to ask him to reconsider, Williams angrily rebuffed him: “Either you’re an agent trying to set me up or an idiot. I ain’t working with either one of those guys.” But in recordings later played in court, Castillo’s repeated pleas softened Williams somewhat. He hung up saying he’d think about it.”

Bloomberg Press article.

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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