Federal court opens door for “new” DNA tests

Forensic science advances get another boost. This quashes DAs disingenuous arguments that appeal litigation for additional DNA testing is bound by a time “statute of limitations.” The rub are states’ laws that require a standard of proof of innocence that is higher than what is used for gaining a conviction. California DA Association is on board to battle the application of a new CA law addressing this issue. Seems that “finality of guilt” is their motto.


Just published. Seems like a form of unionized form of job protection.

DAs rally for more drug enforcement and prisons to protect us from a lowering crime rate.


About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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1 Response to Federal court opens door for “new” DNA tests

  1. The bite mark expert is foolish not to take the high road, and vacate his or her prior testimony, given a superior technology is, without question, going to deliver unequivocally. Hope they have money. Their a** is grass, as they say. This prosecutor is perpetuating a myth about pattern injury evidence; purporting it to be scientific, when it’s not. It’s circumstantial at best. Is she sleeping with the judge? The real gate keeper, the bitemark expert themselves, should “to thine own self be true”.

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