30 years since 1984 + (in)famous medical examiner gets a jolt of reality from MS appellate court. @radleybalko


30 years since 1984. Pissed off mayor calls SWAT Raids for Parody Twitter Accounts. “Sure, Why Not? SWAT Raids for Everybody! .” A judge said the warrant was PC justified due to “personation (has to do with voter fraud, whatever. ) of a public official.” Watch out SNL!

The Mississippi Supreme Court has overturned another conviction involving ex- state contract medical examiner Steven Hayne.  His history of forensic opinions is a lesson of the futility of forensic science self-government and judicial lassitude. As narrated here by Radley Balko, Hayne has laid a wide swath of “medically certain”opinions that produce tragic outcomes.  He also is indelibly linked to other wrongful convictions by using bitemark evidence performed by ABFO dentists. 

DA affair w crime lab tech plus Brady charge (10,000 undiscovered documents!) could torpedo “quilt” cold-case murder trial 

After nudge from the NJ AG, prosecutor Jim McClain finally comes to his senses in the Shaneen Allen case. 

NY cops go berserk on 10 yo kid. Break his leg then throw Mom into front yard. 

DNA blunders (aka subjectivity) mean murderers and rapists could have convictions quashed

WVA Graham case: Details on how long it can take to analyze Forensic Evidence




About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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