Top 9 examples of what junk forensic science is all about

Video Shows Controversial Forensic Specialist Michael West Fabricating Bite Marks via

Australian grad student says she can narrow down bullet lead components to specific companies = 97% accuracy. So what? The FBI decommissioned “bullet lead” (actually a misnomer) a few years ago. This research only purports to identify brands of ammunition. How many bullets does Remington etc. make a year? Millions. But calls it a “bullet fingerprint.” 

A new low: potentially thousands of convictions tainted by flawed forensic hair evidence at FBI .

“FBI hair examiners exceeded the limits of science. Over & over again. System issues, not bad apples.” So says UCLA (now under water) Law Professor Jennifer Mnookin. @jmnookin.

FBI refusal to act fairly by not correcting their own mistakes comes down to this: Who “certifies” the FBI lab? I googled “Whitehurst + FBI” for you to show the decades of backstory on this FBI culture. Don’t let anyone  believe their “bad apple” excuse used back in the 90’s. Plus, don’t believe its only limited to the FBI. Bad apples excuse in  bitemarks used to identify perps. 

Bitemarks: Dentist using non existent statistics in a very sad baby case in order to help convict.

The ultimate in non-scientific forensic double speak.  Juries are tasked to understand this?

A cautionary editorial on forensic science misconduct and dirty tricks. 

Hot off the press and popular. The “Forensic Science Avoidance Syndrome” and the “Time traveling Medical Examiner.”



Other stuff:

Must read for baby Whistleblowers. How vague claims in defamation suits are used to shut them up.

Kudos for the current Brooklyn DA and his Conviction Integrity Unit. Well deserved.


About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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