Bitemark case spurs judicial reform in CA., intimidation in forensics continues, + more


Forensic reform in California based in part on another bitemark case. 

2011: Bitemark experts sue forensic lecturer regarding mention of Bennie Starks’ vacated conviction case. Later became a full exoneration when the DA dropped lesser remaining charges. The plantiffs in the 2011 defamation suit are now being sued by Bennie Starks regarding involvement in his wrongful conviction.

REBLOG: A BIG FAVORITE. Scientifically debunked bitemark experts still teaching their methods to dentists. 

Incredible case of DA intimidating and sexually harassing a crime victim. 

More on Frances Glessner Lee and her epic diorama collection of criminal investigation. 

REBLOG: ANOTHER FAVORITE. What a “leader of bitemark science” has to say about “science.” Read Mark Page’s take on “bitemark gibberish.”  Mark has also taken some scurrilous hits by the bitemark identification crowd. He “just” has a BDS (dental degree) and a PhD in forensics.

20 years since Simpson murder case produces reminiscing.

NM crime LAB has a whistleblower in town. 



About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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