Forensics: Another example of Cop run DNA lab running against a forensic expert calling their “testing” unreliable.

Facade of the OCME building

Don’t ever think that police don’t exert terrific influence over supposed “independent” offices run by forensic pathologists and forensic scientists. This story started in 2016 when a NYC senior ME kicked back on an in-house DNA “experiment” that went into use and quickly came under adverse scrutiny by the Innocence Project’s Barry Scheck.

Here is one NY politician (aka: OCME counsel: i.e. lawyer) talking about the ME, Marina Stajic.

“She sucks,” seethed Mimi Mairs, then OCME special counsel, in an email sent hours after Stajic took her stance as a member of the state Forensic Science Commission.

Nothing better than hearing a lawyer talking about science, no?

Stajic’s boss, Sandra Brown wasn’t much better. Here is her glory page. 

New York Post



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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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