Prosecutors as science policy makers are now ABOVE the Science – Summary of Responses

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Here’s a summary of MSM responses to the Republican establishment of a State recognized forensic science industry. Sessions appointment of an ‘advisory panel’ on police forensics will surely be a stunning array of mostly police trained flunkies.

Jeff Session wants to  keep forensics in the Dark Ages – The Watch

Excerpts from Radley Balko

“But for Sessions, even tepid criticism of the tools he and other prosecutors had used for years was a threat.”

“Our adversarial system may be the best system available for assessing evidence, but it’s hostile to good science.”

“……law enforcement officials and prosecutors like Sessions have retreated to the battle lines that defined much of the last century. They’ve attacked the scientists as biased, or made bizarre arguments that forensics should be judged on principles other than scientific principles. (Before we give the Obama administration too much praise, it’s worth pointing out that after PCAST issued its damning report on forensics last year, Obama’s own attorney general Loretta Lynch immediately dismissed it.)”

[Jeff Sessions dismisses DOJ reports on police abuse without bothering to read them]

The Summary of Other Articles From Yesterday about AG Sessions

AG Sessions scraps forensic science panel, suspends FBI testimony review

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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