Forensics Wednesday: ‘we may have to police the police ourselves’ – and other stuff

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Being poor keeps innocent people in jail and generally ruins lives of many who are not accused of serious crimes. Missouri’s underfunded public defender office forces the poor to languish in jail by @chronic_jordan. But the @JusticeDept  Sessions tells LEOs  “good hunting.”

More “I don’t care’ DAs. How junk arson science convicted a mother of killing her own daughters by @lilianasegura. (Long read).

Save the Nat’l Comm’n on Forensic Science- it has done more a great deal to increase reliability of evidence.  @ErinMurphysLaw

Putting lawyers and cops in charge of science at the very highest levels. Traditionally, not a great idea. @maxmhouck

With Sessions being AG, I’m sure anti-forensic sci reformers will flock to this.

The NRA loves J Beauregard Sessions: “Going to right the ship at the DOJ’ of Obama’s neglect of the police and prosecutors causing increase in violent crime.

Bone by bone, Iraqis unearth a mass grave: ‘We will be out there digging until no one is left.’ LA Times.

University of Tennesse – Knoxville: Please contact  medical and dental program with concerns on the ‘science of bitemark comparisons’ training in their dental curriculum. @utgsm

From The Marshall Project:

We spend $100 billion on policing and we have no clue about what works. We need good data to undertake the cost benefit analysis necessary for good policy. THE WASHINGTON POST

More: We have to investigate the police even if Jeff Sessions won’t. THE WASHINGTON POST



About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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