PCAST ‘withering under intellectual scrutiny’ = #Alternativefacts #Forensic #Science


I’ve been waiting for this rag to come out with this type of mendacious Alt-Speak about the scientific efforts focused on forensics by the US Congress, National Academy of Sciences, and Obama’s Executive branch. This scrutiny (by established empirical scientists in many cases)  took a  deep look into why wrongful convictions and incarcerations are aided by overblown ‘forensic’ expertise’s performance in police crime labs and criminal courts . Their reports rocked the entrenched forensic establishment types that resulted in generous denials to legitimate criminal law social science data including:

Exonerations (24% of 1,996) associated with flawed expertise in the judicial meta-record. But who cares about facts as long as would-be crime lab geniuses carry the mantel of “crime-fighters” ?

Here’s a snippet………

“Our outgoing president is a trial attorney.  A major focus of his administration was criminal justice reform, and for good reason. We have very complex problems in how we administer justice in the United States.  But President Obama went too far.  He gave safe haven to legal activists who then attacked forensic science with near impunity – hoping to weaken its stature in courts of law.”

Full article at Science 2.0 (excuse the irony)

Plus, this from 2014, where the “2.0” births its conspiracy theory against the National Registry of Exonerations and, by association, the scurrilous criminal defense Bar of the United States.



About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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