Steven Avery: Close Look at DNA testing and re-testing and non-testing for @ZellnerLaw

Social media is never a good place to divine what’s happening fact-wise in “Making A Murderer” (or in any forensic case for that matter) but here is a collection of the latest.

  1. Claims about what the DNA testing list agreed upon between the State and one of Avery’s attorneys, Kathleen Zellner. Notable is a mention that there was no new DNA testing allowed of human remains. That may be a settled issue. Alot of DNA attention given to the victim’s vehicle.
  2. Zellner re-ups already completed testing that ‘conclusively proves’ Avery’s innocence.
  3. Probably the best of the media lot includes all the above with large amounts of photos. It includes the use of C14 on a police collected vial of Avery’s blood.
  4. This local Wisconsin news outlet shows Zellner near the courthouse.

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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