Non-unanimous jury verdict of death and junk science at SCOTUS

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Petition for Certiorari to SCOTUS: Sireci v. Florida

Issue(s): Whether a state court violates a petitioner’s federal due process rights when it denies a new trial and DNA testing in an actual innocence case in which newly discovered evidence demonstrates that the only physical evidence linking the petitioner to the crime scene was based upon inaccurate forensic science and false expert testimony.

Multiple sentences of death by Florida juries than were not in total agreement. Postconviction DNA testing refusal.

Forty years on death row. Sierci has organic brain disease.

The case summary starts on page 11 of this pdf.

FBI hair analysis used to convict on page 16.

Extensive use of NAS Report on “Improving Forensic Science” page 22.

Crime Lab Society and FBI 2013 position on ethical obligation for accurate forensic testimony. page 25.


About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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