Population studies on the Differential Diagnoses present with SBS ‘triad’

A telling look at how medical expert wits years of declaring homicidal child deaths were talking through their hats about their ‘confidence.’  This Swedish collation of studies actually collected circumstances within existing pop studies containing adequate sampling of case data. Ultimately, their conclusion is: no adequate supporting data to affirm the pro-SBS claims. Only 2 studies could be considered determinative. Two. The dogmatist experts working for the London Met Police might need to take a look at this.

To examine the quality of evidence supporting the triad alone as a hallmark of child abuse, a team in Sweden narrowed 3700 abusive head trauma studies down to 1000 that were relevant to the triad of symptoms. Of these, 30 met their strict criteria, such as having a large enough sample size, and not including cases that involved extra injuries in addition to the triad. Of these, they deemed only two studies, both conducted in France and published in 2010, to contain plausible evidence that the triad of symptoms, in the absence of other injuries, point to child abuse. However, the team decided that these didn’t show sufficient support for the triad alone as definitive evidence of abuse, in part due to a lack of detail about the adults’ confessions of shaking.




About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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