THe NIST Forensic Science Commission Lays an Egg with its Bitemark Study Group

#AAFS2015 is over. WaPo’s Radley Balko (On his blog The Watch) has revealed this jury rigged bm committee appointed by the US governemt. Let’s see if the NIST managers make some corrections in favor of scientific principles.

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OSAC Subcommittee on Ondontology (sic)

Odontology subcommittee

The original source of this NIST  information is here. 

Other than originally mis-spelling ODONTOLOGY, this NIST subcommittee (OSAC) on Forensic Dentistry should do well dealing with dental identification from unknown human remains, but in the bitemark arena, everyone should realize bitemark identification group and certain of its allies compose the 63% of this panel. You can clearly exclude MARY BUSH from Buffalo as she has debunked the ABFO “bitemark science” in her ground-breaking research (partially funded by a forensic dental grant)  since 2007. She has also been publicly harassed by a bunch of the same ABFO members who are on this panel. The ABFOers will likely use their recently developed flow chart to assure their scientific certainties for bitemark IDs continue in US courts.

Politics is an amazing thing. I will highlight the panel members affiliated with the bitemark  believers in the following list. A…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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