The personal dangers of protecting the innocent and underprivileged around the world : Similar issues exist in the US.

Millions of DNA samples stored in warehouse worry privacy advocates in California. Medical researchers have found it useful. Citizens generally unaware. via

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Civil rights and humanitarian legal advocacy is “The most dangerous job in law.” Prison, exile and worse exists around the world for legal advocates.  These stories make the pushback in the US against forensic and judicial reform seem paltry in comparison. Unless you are a US victim of the same set of oppressive mistreatment (Michael Moore from Texas). More cases: here (Douglas Prade from Ohio and William Richards from California) and here (Gerard Richardson from New Jersey). Ray Krone (AZ) was on death row. 

CA judges warn of an “epidemic” of prosecution misconduct.” I.E. lawyers lying.

This is terrible. NYC To Pay $5M To Kin Of Man Killed By Detectives Moonlighting As Hitmen.

This is the fear w/ understaffed forensic operations “Delayed DNA testing allowed alleged rapists 2 commit new crimes.” Almost one-half of the NY Innocence Project’s 315 exonerations have led authorities to the true criminal.

Strange case of…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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