Perjury Prosecution for Lying Prosecutors?

Followup discussion on prosectors losing their moral compass in criminal courts. Its very rare for the courts to enforce penalties on District Attorneys. The Bar Associations certainly don’t care.

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I am not an attorney, but in my layman’s, non-legal opinion this is potentially (and I say only potentially) huge.

The US Ninth Circuit has advocated criminal perjury prosecution for a prosecutor who lied to the court.  See our previous post about lying federal prosecutors here – in this case, the offending prosecutor got off with just a stern rebuke by the judge, which is sadly typical.

The Ninth Circuit has “recommended” perjury prosecution for a prosecutor who lied about benefits offered to a jailhouse snitch for his testimony.  Incentivizing testimony from snitches is nothing new.  It happens routinely.  But think about this.  If a defense attorney offered benefits to a witness for their testimony, it would be bribery, and the attorney could be prosecuted.  If a prosecutor offers benefits to a witness (snitch), it’s called “cooperation.”  What’s wrong with this picture?!

Now, here’s the “catch” about the…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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