Recent forensic science news and cases from around the world


False hope w/out DNA. Bitemarks hold key to solving Hamilton car park assault case

Forensic Experts Identify Remains of One of Mexico’s Missing Students. Forensics Team in Mexico Confirms Remains of 1 of 43 Missing Students- Why are there no US experts in on this??

Students were incinerated. 

Oldest Forensic case in history finally closed: Leicester remains belong to King Richard III…


The use of saliva in establishing a person’s alcohol content

 New Paper: ESDA®-Lite Collection of DNA from Latent Fingerprints on Documents

Decomposition of a body 

Forensic science oversight panel to meet with new Delaware chief medical …

It is very clear that ‘secret science’ is not in the interests of transparent justice…

Decrease in ‘expensive’ forensic post mortems – 

Hard questions after litany of forensic failures at US labs | Chemistry World:

Police and forensic science

New Police Chief article looks at how improving forensic science increases the odds of catching criminals. Mentions the 2009 NAS report citing problems with bitemark Is, balistcis, tool marks, an fingerprints.

 Criminal Law and forensic evidence

Potential exoneree hopes to do public service. 

Does  UK Forensic Science have this problem ? 

The UK’s complex cold case specialists. Forensic Access:




About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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