FORENSIC FOCUS @CSIDDS | Feb 18 | Science, News Trends and the Law

1. Crime Lab’s testing of the demon marijuana puts their CSI’s late for the party. Many states’ government funded labs are swamped with low priority, but a source of steady to high income (for law enforcement), pot that clogs other evidence (directly related to DUI prosecutions and etc.) processing leading to more overhead costs and personnel.–The-backlog-of-justice–%C2%A0Budget-cutting-of-vital-departments-has-created-an-Alabama-nightmare?instance=home_opinion

2. Databases for Missing Persons to expand in the US. From the FBI. Now, this is great. The problem will be compliance and proper collection and quality assurance, from all 6000 LEOs (law enforcement orgs) in the US. Talk about a REAL challenge! Unfortunately cross cooperation at the agency level is sketchy. All from personal experience assisting in missing person cases.

3. Legal and non-legal reasons for wrongful convictions. Journal article. Takes $$ to see. Mentions race and availability to DNA testing as being conjoined factors!


About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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