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Cop and coroner run amok at death scene? Or is it retribution for whistleblowing?

Nasty. Sex and drugs. Or, on the other hand, it’s false and really is retribution for calling out elected coroner misconduct or mismangement.  “Allegations about the Monroe County coroner’s office were laid out in recent court filings: Sex between a … Continue reading

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Overreaching judge bans autopsy report on subject of police restraint Cause of Death

Here’s a rather strange ruling that short-stops criminal investigators looking into the manner (homicide, accidental or natural?) of an adult females’s death while in police custody. I’m assuming the legal theory on excluding a medical examiner’s report is that it … Continue reading

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SC coroners don’t report child deaths but state bill ok’s HS education minimum standard

A bill in the state of South Carolina will take death examiners back to the middle ages. “Don’t dumb down coroner pool.” Amen to that. A 40 hour ‘training’ for death investigation? Here’s some CSI talk about coroners.

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