Your Daily Crime Lab Scandal – Houston again – DAs scramble

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Here we go with some real forensic news. Not the befuddled repartee from Jeff Sessions loving handwriting analysis and other police ‘forensics’ like bitemarks.

Texas crime-scene errors put 65 cases under review, audit finds:

Dozens of criminal prosecutions could be in jeopardy after errors by a Houston crime-scene investigator raised questions about key evidence in cases that include 26 homicides, five officer-involved shootings and six child deaths since 2015.

The revelations Wednesday in a crime lab audit sent prosecutors with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office scrambling to untangle the possible problems, first with a blanket notification to criminal defense attorneys and then a public statement.

“Any deficiencies in the collection of evidence at a crime scene are extremely disturbing and important,” said David Mitcham, the trial bureau chief of the DA’s office. “It’s not minor. It can create problems of proof later in a court of law.”

Houston Police says this is all a witch hunt against their officers ‘collecting’ for the Houston Crime Lab. A major turf war is going on over who controls the forensic lab. Sounds a bit like AG Sessions vs the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and other forensic reform advocates.

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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