Scientific Data Dumps Expanding because of President Trump?

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In a world that does not conform to much common sense, some reports exist from December 2016 and today that DJT’s Executive Branch admin (which started today) poses a threat to existing weather and environmental data. Does this supposition apply elsewhere in the realm of governmental controlled research and criminal justice data? What about forensic grants and funded experimentation and social justice research?

Just askin’.

By the way, right after the 45th president was christened this morning, the White House website on climate change was junked according to followers on Twitter. (caveat emptor)

Disappearing WH climate change website: (CNBC today).

Scientist are frantically copying weather data, fearing it would vanish under Trump. Washington Post.  (Dec 2016).

The Verge (Dec 2016)

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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  1. csidds says:

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    Blocking government data continues by the Trump cabal of mind controllers. I’m sure this affects and favors BigPharma more than than the media realizes. Animal welfare data blocked by US Agriculture Dept.

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