Early into its release, #Forensic Science Reform text goes to the classroom!

See our new book at the upcoming #AAFS2017 meeting exhibit hall at the Academic Press/Elsevier booth. Ask for Liz to get the meeting discount.

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A respected under and graduate forensic science program in the UK has introduced copies of our Academic Press/Elsevier text into its reference library and student discussions. Greatly appreciated! Here’s the notice for their students’ new semester.


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Only published  recently  is  the  text:

Forensic  Science  Reform  (Protecting the Innocent)

The  work  is  written  by  friends  in  the  US and  already  I’ve  arranged for us to have copies in our library, so please take a look if you get chance. This will  add  so  much  vital  context and understanding  of professional  practice  to your studies. I’m sure the authors  will not mind me sharing with you a few pages from this book and hopefully this will whet your appetite to get the book from the library. We’ve been  studying  quite  a  lot  on issues  of  bias,  uniqueness, and  pattern evidence. Likewise, I know that many of you are beginning…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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