Forensics is a mess and the Prosecutors love it: Reason Magazine

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A telling expose ‘from Reason’s latest article on the sad (to some) state of resistance from the police forensic, LEO and prosecutor communities looking towards safeguards in police use and misuse of science in the US courts. This resonates with the growing list of police crime lab scandals and wrongful convictions in the United States

Bitemarks lead to way in the article, which in its’ larger sense, exposes entrenched denial of substantive evidence supporting systemic problems. Various problem levels exist, depending on each subject PCAST reviewed.  PCAST contains common scientific expectations courts’ should use in their “gatekeeping” power in order to recognize and  dismiss exaggerated or outright “voodoo” (according to 9th Circuit Judge Kozinski) forensic expertise.

Here is Reason’s response to USDOJ Loretta Lynch and by implication, to the incoming Jeff Sessions. The history of prosecutorial misconduct arguments within his old jurisdiction just came out today on CNN.

“One of those “sound” methods she’s defending is bitemark analysis. But the PCAST report found that “available scientific evidence strongly suggests that examiners not only cannot identify the source of bitemark with reasonable accuracy, they cannot even consistently agree on whether an injury is a human bitemark.”

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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