A California DA looks at racial component to filings and crime in Santa Clara

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Over 60 pages with many pie charts and graphs. Little in the way of firm conclusions and remedies although he touches on over representations of specific racial groups, income, and education dropout rates.

Why did you study Race and Prosecutions and what were you trying to find out?

This report is an effort to answer the questions the community has been asking and that we have been asking ourselves. We wanted to know – not estimate, not guess, not assume -how many people of diffsrent races and ethnic goups we are prosecuting. And we wanted to share that information with the public. Our ability to do this kind of study is relatively new. In2}ll, the Santa ClaraCounty District Attorney’s Office began entering the race and gender data received from police reports and booking information into our electronic case management systøn for all felonies and most misderneanors. Before that, our knowledge of the race of adult criminal defendants was limited to our own anecdotal knowledge and the more limited collection of that data on some teams like the Family Violence Team. Santa Clara County has studied race and the Juvenile Justice Syston annually since2012. This is an effort to take a similar lons of inquiry and analysis and turn it on ourselves to try to answer a key set of questions about race and our prosecutions of adults. Of course, answering some questions aþout race and prosecutions leads to the asking of more questions. This study is the beginning of what will be an ongoing review of these issues.


About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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