How Bitemark evidence is still operating at the appellate level – The Kunco Case

Read the trial testimony of a bitemark expert in this 1991 murder trial. He talks “about consistencies” which later became an “identification.”


Here’s the bitemark “injury” he is talking about.


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The “relatively unique teeth” of John Kunco

The “recaptured” evidence used against Kunco.

There still is a long road for prison inmates to overcome what now is considered to be unvalidated “science” presented at their original trials. John Kunco’s case is a standout and is still being litigated by the NY Innocence Project. Some of the bitemark fellows are having problems with their past cases which mimic the IP’s case list of successful conviction reversals and full exonerations involving bitemark opinions. Such as Steven Chaney’s in Texas.

A two article blog post by David Averill about Kunco and the ongoing  bitemark “war” is available here. It contains numerous evidence photos and further case info. The  “excerpts” give you the gist of what some have called “voodoo science” (Wall St Journal, yesterday). Its second section is what the judge said during Kunco’s previous appeal.

Bitemark Evidence in the Kunco Case


May 15…

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