Inside Exoneration litigation in Mississippi – At Times it’s Utter Frustration #ELHoward

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In 2016, Texas determined that dental bitemark experts should not be admitted in court. What’s now happening in Mississippi (MS) is a classic legal and forensic science example of continuing that agenda.

1993. A bitemark ID was achieved in MS from apparently uniquely manufactured denture teeth (from a removable dental appliance) biting a victim. The bite was “recovered” via an exhumation after her homicidal death.  Cause of death: knife wounds.

1994. Eddie Lee Howard is convicted for rape, arson, and murder. He has been sentenced to death twice. His convictions contain doubtful and clearly fake forensic evidence. Remember the”Making a Murder” similar assertions? Howard’s case is more rock-solid when compared to Avery’s. Google is filled with dozens of links about Howard’s decades-old case.

There are two “characters of interest” then (now ex ) Mississippi’s 16th District DA Forrest Allgood used at Howard’s multiple trials.

Drs. Steven Hayne (he did the victim’s autopsy) and…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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