When crime labs go rogue. Safety suffers. Honesty seems more doubtful.

Max Houck
@csidds The more I read about the NY Lab issue, the more questions I have. With lawsuit, probably won’t see the documents for some time.

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Max Houck (@maxmhouck) used to run the Washington DC Forensic Science facility which then boasted as being “independent” a la Houston’s Forensic Science Center. Above is his Twitter response to and post about police managers refusing an open and transparent scientific disclosure of their methods and results. During Houck’s tenure at the DFS , access to forensic results and methods was non-confrontational (e;g; not limited to prosecutors). Since then, after his having been dismissed/resigned, the doors have been shut tight by the DC mayor and District Attorney’s new appointee, an ex-FBI lab manager. This raises barriers to fair justice as this type of forensic lab “protectionism” is akin to police body-camera non-disclosures or deletions.  Most recent examples in Chicago and North Carolina.

This is not merely a theory. It is a common forensic occurrence.

If you are are not transparent, then it isn’t science that you are practicing. It…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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