Forensics: New York Times calls Bitemarkers’ Evidence risking “Lives in Balance”

The lack of legit validation for the AAFS supported bitemark ID group was in plain sight during last month’s Texas Forensic Science Commission fact-finding hearing on this junk forensic science. This photo shows Innocent Project’s Director of Strategic Litigation Chris Fabricant (standing) with Steven Mark Chaney and his wife. Chaney spent 28 years in Texas prison from a now recanted bitemark opinion.

The TxFSC allowed a presentation of the bitemark believers to start in the morning with the first bitemark speaker taking a preachy POV with the Commission. He admitted some past “sins” of his faith-based “science,” rather than science-based colleagues who are now reveling in a newer perspective. Speaking of this rebirth, he brought forth a nearly indecipherable investigative check-list  called “The Tree” combined with an emotional plea to protect abused children. He then ran overtime chipping away at the non-believers of bitemark matching being “a problem” and/or unqualified as “bitemark scientists” like he claims to be. This includes the US National Academy of Science.

But, he forgot to mention his financial interests in teaching unsuspecting aspirant forensic dentists these “new and improved” methods at his Texas university job and forensic meetings in the United States.

All of this hopefulness belies the cold fact that the Commission has identified 30 bitemark assisted cases in Texas which resulted in criminal convictions.

I know of two Texas executions the Commission should investigate as well.

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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