Northern California Innocence Project Client Larry Pohlschneider Exonerated

Northern California Innocence Project litigators consider this wrongful conviction another case of junk science assisted prosecution.
““Tragically, junk science passing as expert testimony is a contributing factor in 22 percent of wrongful convictions and NCIP is actively working to free innocent people and establish policies to prevent wrongful convictions like Larry’s,” said NCIP Legal Director Linda Starr.

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Earlier this week Sandee Magliozzi, Executive Director of the Northern California Innocence Project, sent out the following notification detailing a recent victory for NCIP…

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share some great news with you: yesterday afternoon the Tehama County Superior Court overturned the wrongful conviction of NCIP client Larry Pohlschneider, 46, after nearly 15 years of wrongful imprisonment! Mr. Pohlschneider’s attorneys and the Tehama County District Attorney agreed that his 2000 conviction should be vacated and the charges dismissed due to the ineffective assistance of Mr. Pohlschneider’s trial counsel.

NCIP Assistant Legal Director Maitreya Badami, Mr.

Pohlschneider’s lead attorney, commended the Tehama County District Attorney’s Office for its willingness to look at this case with fresh eyes when presented with evidence from NCIP’s investigation. “Without the District Attorney’s fairness and cooperation, Mr. Pohlschneider’s unjust incarceration might have been even more prolonged,” explained Ms. Badami. “The failure of Mr. Pohlschneider’s trial…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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