MS Supreme Court remands Howard for new litigation, again

What wasn’t said in the last blog:

The backstory in this appellate case is not unusual in arguing against junk science (the bitemark opinion) along with the big elephant in the room being exculpatory post conviction DNA evidence. We have a legal environment ruled by anachronisms such as “stare decisis” and “not compelling evidence of legal innocence,”

A non PC statement could be,

“Now Howard has to go back to circuit court to have a hearing in order to produce an evidentiary record which will be the mirror image of the record already submitted to the MS Supreme Court. Not a single one of them has the courage of their claimed convictions. This’ll take years.”

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In response to recent oral arguments, the MS high court just issued this 2015-08-06 order remand howard. This case has major prosecutorial bitemark ID evidence issues. New DNA evidence powered this return to the original trial court. The last MIssissippi remand case had Kennedy Brewer sent back to Noxumbee county jail where he languished for 4 yrs before DA Allgood declined to retry the case.
Lets make sure THAT doesn’t happen again.

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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