#SandraBland | Circumstances of a murder staged as a suicide?

More info on the signs of hanging versus asphyxiation. There is a recent sci paper describing a murder staged as a hanging suicide.
Plus from Mary Beth Hauptle.
“The ligature furrow mark in the neck ought be a characteristic inverted “V”, if she hanged herself. I would obtain other inmate “witness” statements as to what they did or did not overhear, coming from her cell.”

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Let’s see if we can start a thread from the forensic community about some of these issues .

The family of Sandra Bland, who died while in a county jail in Texas this week, has made it clear that the authorities’ (at this point the police in charge of the jail) statement that she committed suicide by self-asphyxiation is unacceptable and patently questionable.

A forensic re-phrasing of what the family says is that her asphyxiation was “staged” to look like suicide. That changes the manner of death to murder, not suicide.

So what proof is necessary to determine such a change in this outcome? Remember she was asphyxiated by a trashbag.

I am not a pathologist, but the the following  first came to my mind about the possibility of what physical evidence could support the family’s current position of rejecting what the authority have claimed up to this point. This…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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