The inane responses of dentists who describe themselves as “skin-reading” experts

This is a 2011 blog post from  David Averill’s In the realm of forensic dentistry, somethings just never change, in fact things from bitemark adherents just get more confusing and stridently defensive. As of 2015, we are still hearing the same promises from the experts of “skin patterns made by teeth” published in the June issue of the Journal of California Dental Association.”

Forensic Odontology - Bitemark Evidence

This is a guest post by Dr. Michael Bowers

The non-scientific dental discipline known as bitemark analysis has only a few dogmatists left, who deny its well-known status as a forensic train wreck and cling to decades old assumptions that judicial admission of their baseless opinions is a substitute for validation and reliability proofs. The downward slide of forensic dentists who tout themselves as “readers” of skin injuries caused by human teeth has been occurring for the last ten years through criticism from legal academics (Saks 1999, Gianelli 2009, Beecher-Monas 2009, Deitch, 2010; and a small cadre of sagacious forensic dentists; Rothwell 1999; Sweet, Pretty 2001, Pretty 2010; Clements 2010. This slip from glory has also been assisted by a string (N>12) of DNA fueled exonerations overturning erroneous convictions originally helped by the opinions of highly credentialed members of the American Board of Forensic Odontology. Finally, within the last four…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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