“A Public Safety Issue” | US Cops would rather bust pot users and issue traffic tickets than investigate years old rapes

San Diego PD says nearly 3,000  rape kits will not be tested for any reason. Cites a 1994 DNA law. Rape advocacy group objects as multiple cases may be linked to serial rapists. Article gives highlights to other states backlogged rape evidence. Read more. 

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This all boils own to lack of $$  incentives for police agencies to do real and thorough policing.

Instead of swatting marijuana users (recreational and medical pot criminalization) , the cops need to get off the drug-war-gravy-train (Fed$$) and their asset forfeiture bonanza ) and protect countless victims of sexual assaults. Missouri is the latest example of how distorted police priorities are regarding “public safety.” Read more.  Notable in this abhorrent failure to investigate, is the fact that cops have to re-open years old rapes and assaults, and then track down the victims, many of whom are still traumatized and have feelings of abandonment and shame since being attacked. Other jurisdictions, which have cleared their backlogs, found numerous examples of serial rapists left to roam the streets for years. It is apparent there is little to no concern about this until the media started embarrassing law enforcement (LE) around the…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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