Wednesday’s Quick Forensic and Crim Law Clicks…

Continuing the topics of 1) impossible legal rules preventing exonerations, 2) China’s problem’s with wrongful convictions, 3) $$ for exoneration litigation (The Bronx Defenders can’t apply according to NYC mayor DeBlasio, 4) CA judges are upset with DAs lying. (AG Kamala Harris is running for US Senate. Her stance on exons has been anti exon), 5) Pick your state’s exon record from a map, 6) opine on 125 exons in 2014.

Some of mine:

Use of force: Shooting of unarmed motorist reaching back into his car for wallet settled for $$. 

Defense expert challenges crime scene conclusions in murder case. 

“I needed more information,” Billau testified. “The initial documentation from the scene concerning the crime scene was insufficient.”

There were several things that were not documented in the crime scene reports that Billau testified are important to have in making accurate conclusions during a death investigation.

It was apparent to Billau that several items in the Kent Lane home were moved both during the time paramedics were attending to Harry, as well as during the evidence collection process.



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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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