From the Forensic Regulator – Code of Ethics and Standards – #AAFS2017


“My aim is that all forensic science provided to the CJS is of the required level of quality; the quality standards are set out in detail in these Codes.” Dr. Gillian Tully, the UK Forensic Regulator.

Notable in this extensive document is the inclusiveness of most crime lab and adjunct ‘identification’ trades from digital evidence to podiatry. The dentists are left out, of course. Maybe they can join up with the Anthros.

Herein is the rub for some of these groups in that this aspect of “conduct” is expected to be implemented immediately: validation and “risks.” We don’t read on this sie of the Atlantic about that in the proposals for forensic standards or publicity ads regarding “forensic breakthroughs.”

20.6. The [validation] acceptance criteria

20.6.1. The acceptance criteria should be clearly stated, based upon the specification, the risk analysis and any control strategies put in place to control identified risks.

20.6.2. The acceptance criteria shall be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method and control strategy within measurable and set tolerances.

20.7. The validation plan 20.7.1.

The validation shall be carried out according to a documented validation plan. The validation plan shall identify and define the functional and performance requirements, the relevant parameters and characteristics to be studied and the acceptance criteria for the results obtained to confirm that the  specified requirements for the method, product or service have been met. (2016 1.2MB  58pages)

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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