Here we go again. New appeal case. Waukegan. Dead baby. “Missed evidence.” Kathleen Zellner

More info on this case. The DA expert doc never saw the child. Lied on the stand. His report was just shredded by def atty Zellner.

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Another example how weak physical evidence relating to COD, the baby’s prior medical history, the DA and Def atty’s fumblings, a courthouse with cops’ history of witness coercion with wrongful convictions, and a “new statement” from the DA’s pathologist, brings a new look to a post conviction hearing demanding a reversal.

It also brings Kathleen Zellner (new client defense atty) to spice things up a notch. (Zellner and another of her clients, Steven Avery at the top).

“Zellner has long asserted that Benjamin died of a prior head injury, possibly self-inflicted from his habit of banging his head on the floor.”

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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