Cairo Egypt : Forensic Medicine under political attack ; poor quality science journals ; Ballistics gone bad

This following article has implications in regards to forensic publications. The few existing journals on “forensics” have little to no readership and inconsistent peer oversight..

 “The scientific community is facing a ‘pollution problem’ in academic publishing, one that poses a serious threat to the “trustworthiness, utility, and value of science and medicine,”according to one of the country’s leading medical ethicists. Full article

Hinton’s exoneration from 30 years on death row “No Guarantee of Justice.”

Monday’s Quick Clicks @wrongconvblog. Many topics linked here. 

Omaha DA goes after answers about botched ballistics report in double murder case.

Indiana police chief signs on “bite mark comparing” dentists.

Cairo Forensic Medicine Authority’s doctors are under investigation for Islamic Brotherhood affiliations re: their having been hired by previous Morsi government.

US DOJ criminal drug “possession” lawsuit against FedEx is illusory and looking for large dollar penalties. War on drugs going the wrong way once more. Full article




About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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