Liars in the US Criminal Justice System

The Ninth Circuit’s recent affirmation of punishment for prosecutorial perjury may have a chilling effect on DAs who use lies and lying witnesses to support their prosecutions. Ths is not limited to lawyers. Forensic science has its own history of liars and cheats. Some come with long pedigrees. Others just hide in plain sight. The criminal justice system pays dearly in the end with delayed scientific progress, damaged public safety and conviction of the innocent.

The attributes of a good liar (pdf). 

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Nothing is ever over in exoneration litigation, be it from exonerees’ difficulties in re-entering society, or when some DAs and police, with help from their lawyers, continue to chase after the men and women who have wrongfully endured imprisonment from acts of public officials.

This flies sideways to overoptimistic opinions that DAs are have a true bead on conviction integrity investigations and “more accepting” of exonerations these days.

There is a really odd tactic rising in recent headlines giving us examples of “innocence nullification” being posed in two separate venues of Justice in the state of Illinois.

One is in civil court.

The other is in criminal court.

One is in Lake County and the other in Cook County. (just a few miles apart).

Avoidance of the costs for wrongful convictions and loss of status certainly may be involved in both cases.


The first is under civil litigation in federal court against…

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Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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