Time runs out for an innocent man trying to get compensation for 23 years in prison, plus Forensic News

1) The court system is quick to convict and interminably slow to correct prosecutorial mistakes and worse:

2) A somewhat hilarious yet sadly true exposition on the civil side of forensic expertise. A lawyer’s take on medical experts hired by Plantiffs battling insurance companies. I can vouch for it: Judy Melinek has a good path book called “Working Stiff.”

   CLE Webinar: Deposing a Medical Examiner in personal injury cases. 

3) Take Two on Michael Baden: He’s back to normal compared to the forensic chaos in Ferguson: Famous pathologist Baden agrees w NYCME autopsy of Eric Garner. 

4) Substandard autopsy  from 20 years ago is argued in Australian murder appeal. 

5) Oops. Body parts forgotten 7 years at disgraced and closed crime lab in Delaware.  via @delawareonline

6) A great quote from Erik Eckholm from his New York Times piece on bitemark identification. Its an echo from articles dating back to the 70’s in the US:

“Soon enough, an arguably shoddy process of justice began.” Doubts re: forensic dentistry at center of a MS appeal.

7) And more about wrongful convictions and how they happen when DAs using junk forensics: A Compendium of forensic failures and misconduct. See how no one is safe when they want you guilty.

About csidds

Dr. Michael Bowers is a long time forensic consultant in the US and international court systems.
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